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    My name is Ewan Larcombe and I have lived downstream of Windsor (UK) on River Thames flood plain for almost my entire life.  My parents and my grandparents also lived here under the constant threat of fluvial flooding.  My god-mothers brother kindly supplied images of the 1947 flood event that you will find here - Wraysbury - 1947 flood images - with 2009 comparison.  Then we had a problem with a our railway bridge Wraysbury Railway Bridge collapse - May 1988 and now we have the issue of reservoir flooding due to lack of maintenance on ageing infra-structure April 2006 - Queen Mother Reservoir - burst pipe at embankment toe. Now we have the problem of ageing reservoirs and the possibility of embankment breach or collapse (risk of flooding from reservoirs)

I cannot promise to prevent all forms of flooding, but I can promise to do my best to highlight the causes of flooding and to focus on reducing the probability of flooding and thus improving the lives of those people at risk.  I believe that prevention is cheaper than cure and that some insurance companies are taking advantage of the current situation.

Apparently 10% of the population is at risk of flooding in one form or another.  In my opinion neither the victims of flooding nor those people at risk of flooding are properly represented in the political arena.

Consequently flawed Government policy implemented by an under-funded Environment Agency has led to neglect of watercourse maintenance, resulting in increased flood risk that will now be aggravated by the spending cuts. Current schemes will be delayed or cut out altogether.  There has been no progress in this area since the 2003 flood event, the big issue being the Environment Agency's benign neglect of dredging for flood defence purposes.

One area of concern is that the Environment Agency has no duty to maintain or improve the conveyance capacity of designated main rivers.  This is a political/economic problem.

Consequently instead of maintaining the River Thames downstream of Windsor the EA is planning a series of new parallel channels at a total cost of about £302m. (Lower Thames Scheme) £588m (River Thames Scheme)

The RTS is now about £240m short of partnership funding (January 2019)

In my opinion the deterioration of the land drainage infrastructure is a national issue that deserves attention!

The 'Big Society' concept is now being was used by the Government to transfer responsibilities and duties to the newly identified but under funded lead local flood authorities. Thus the Environment Agency cut costs at the same time as shirking their duties.

The Flood Risk Regulations 2009 now require the lead local flood authorities and the EA to expose their own shortcomings, and December 2011 is the first milestone in the process.  Publication of the reports will highlight the weaknesses and failure to fully comply may lead to EU compliance infraction and subsequent fines.

Please see Flood Risk Regulations 2009 and Ewan's Guide

Standing as an Independent in a local Government election is difficult, therefore I applied to the Electoral Commission to register the National Flood Prevention Party, complete with an emblem and a description list.  You can locate the Electoral Commission registration via their home page at and you will then need to search the PEF online register.

The registration number is PP 1713 and the new party emblem is reproduced below:


            Registered Description List:

Common sense flood defence
National Flood Prevention Party
Common sense coastal defence
Putting people and property first
Fair treatment for flood victims
Seeking fair and affordable insurance
Exposing flooding myths
Reducing the probability of flooding
Supporting flood defence investment
Putting flood defence first
Exposing authorities shirking their responsibilities


Persons wanting to stand for local election as NFPP candidates please contact me

Election Material: Below - link to actual A4 election leaflet (November 2018)   It is important that the 'Printed by...' details on the bottom of the sheet (i.e. the imprint) are modified and refer to the actual printer.

Election leaflet - Datchet 2018

    A4 draft election poster number 1 - self print     A4 draft election poster number 2 - self print

Cartoon from the Express - 20/4/2007


Horton & Wraysbury Ward - May 2011 election results


Horton and Wraysbury Ward - Election Results 2011














Common Sense Flood Defence






John Charles Ridley


The Conservative Party Candidate







Colin Martin


The Conservative Party Candidate







Peter Roland


The Labour Party Candidate




No. of Spoiled Votes: 11

Turnout: 45.0%

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How to contact me.

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The National Flood Prevention Society

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