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Environment Agency - unable to build or maintain a simple flood defence!

The picture below shows the Myrke flood bank adjacent to the Eton Road, Datchet.

Originally substandard in design and construction, this embankment almost collapsed in the January 2003 flood event.

350m embankment were dismantled, rebuilt and turfed in late 2004 - at a cost of 1.3m.

The Environment Agency is responsible for ensuring that it is properly maintained.

The picture was taken on 27 September 2009 and shows the exposed and slumping close-woven polypropylene geo-textile reinforcing material.


12/1/10 - Myrke embankment condition letter (Atkins)

Myrke flood bank - including 2004 pictures

16/10/09 - Letter to National Audit Office about Myrke Embankment degradation.