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Myrke flood bank - bend radius problem!

The Environment Agency has great difficulty hiding this problem.  The Google Earth picture below shows the Myrke flood bank adjacent to Pococks Lane/Eton Road, Datchet.  The Jubilee River in this area is between 40m and 50m wide around the bend.

Originally sub-standard in design and construction, this embankment almost collapsed in the January 2003 flood event.

High speed flood water scoured and destabilised the sub-standard and porous embankment.

350m of embankment was then dismantled and rebuilt as a matter of urgency in late 2004.

Rebuilt with geo-textile reinforcement at a cost of 1.3m, the bend radius is still far too tight for an unlined channel.

And to make matters worse the embankment surface is now degrading fast.

(The ratio of bend radius to watercourse width should be not less than 10:1)

For further information (including images) please follow links beneath the image


Myrke flood bank - including 2004 pictures

25/10/09 - What the turf specialists say

8/2/09 - Myrke flood bank - exposed geo-textile reinforcement

7/5/09 - This is what a flood bank should look like............

30/1/10 - Myrke embankment continues to degrade (1.6 Mb panoramic image)

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