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From: Cllr Colin Rayner
Horton and Wraysbury Ward
Cabinet Member for Highways and Streetcare
Berkyn Manor Farm, Stanwell Road, Horton SL3 9PE
T: 01753 685480
M: 07917 587056
F: 01753 686626



29 September 2009



Dear Fellow Councillors


I am writing to you as Lead Member for Highways and Streetcare.  We have recently been informed that the Environment Agency (EA) have published a draft strategy document for the Lower Thames Strategy and are undertaking public consultation lasting until 4th December 2009.  As part of the consultation process the EA are holding a number of public exhibitions in October. One of these is taking place on 27th October at the Wraysbury Village Hall between 3pm and 8pm.


The proposals include three diversion channels for the area between Datchet and Walton to reduce the risk of flooding on the River Thames between Datchet and Teddington.


Responses to the consultation can be given online at:


In addition, the Council will be happy to receive your comments and forward these as part of its own response. This matter will be reported to the November Cabinet therefore if you wish to do so please email by 13th November.


As a Council, we are extremely concerned about the Lower Thames Strategy and we want to work with the Parish Councils, Flood Wardens and other interested parties to make sure that the EA Agency has a clear understanding of the demands and the needs of the residents of the Royal Borough.


Our major concern is that in the meantime the EA still refuses to dredge rivers and carry out minor flood defence works, which would greatly reduce the risk of flooding to our residents.  This project is nearly twenty years away from implementation even if funding is made available.  In that time, according to the EAs own statistics we could have two major floods.  Therefore, we will be demanding that the EA undertake additional work before the implementation of the Lower Thames Strategy.


I look forward to your views.  We are hoping to hold a meeting of Parish Councillors and Flood Wardens and other interested parties before we submit our submissions to the E.A. I will contact you with details nearer the time.


Yours faithfully

Councillor Colin Rayner

Lead Member for Highways & Streetcare