Speaking at the SCC cabinet meeting on October 29, he said RBWM was a “significant financial contributor” along with Surrey’s borough and district authorities involved.

Cllr Oliver said: “The county council will be the lead authority and coordinate activity and oversee activity not only of the Environment Agency but of all the other authorities who have an involvement in it.

“There are some technicalities in terms of the various bodies that will be set up to do that.

“But this is a lot of our residents’ money that is being committed to this scheme and we must therefore make sure that we are aware at all times on how it is progressing.”

A recent report by CIPFA (Chartered Institue of Public Finance and Accountancy) dated July 2019 and presented to RBWM's overview and scrutiny panel in October recommended that a "fundamental review of the financial resilience" of the borough is needed after identifying "wider financial and governance issues" at the council.

Other funding is being sourced from Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (£31.96m - confirmed), Surrey Local Enterprise Partnership (£2.5m - confirmed), Thames Water (£2.5m - agreed in principle) and other local authorities including RBWM, Surrey, Spelthorne, Runnymede and Elmbridge  (£6.17m - secured and being spent).