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The Jubilee River story - Comments from Ian Thomson on 1895 flood event.

Received by e-mail - 10 January 2011



We are 115 years on from that event and the only change is supplanting the telephone with an e-service, the principles are unchanged for the flooding event, we still require clear operating instructions and the inclusion of Taplow sluice operation (reword for mill). All members of the Datchet Parish Council should read this as we are in the same position today at the same level of risk with all the information required to avoid the avoidable in place but no action taken.


My view, which is only an opinion, and, subject to a legal overview, is that if an event re-occurred to a similar level of severity and damage to Datchet, then a liability for negligence could be proven in a class action. probably against the Environment Agency with a possibility that the Datchet Parish Council could be found wanting by not exerting the utmost pressure upon the Environment Agency. which would also rebound upon the performance of the Datchet Borough Councillors.


We who served on the Flood Risk Action Group were advised by the insurance industry that they would service the 2003 flooding cost, that stopped the impending class action for that event from proceeding and it was withdrawn, however, that may not be the case in a similar event, so you should make this clear to your fellow councillors as it is a serious matter with possible consequences.


Ian Thompson.