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The Jubilee River story - Flooding in Wraysbury - 1947 (from HH of Churt, Surrey)

(with some 2009 comparisons - please click picture to enlarge)

Steam train approaching Wraysbury Station


Station Road - looking towards Douglas Lane and High Street


The Green Man, Station Road


Station Road towards Douglas Lane and Station


DUKW at The George, Windsor Road.


The George, Windsor Road (flood water receding)


Junction of Windsor Road and The Green


The Green - with Village Hall (Scout Hut) on right


 Windsor Road looking towards High Street


  Junction of Wraysbury High Street and The Green - looking towards 'The Splash'



e-mail received 25/3/2009


Many thanks for those memory joggers!  I think I must have been with H when he took those, because I remember all of them - especially the one with the train coming into the station, and the DUKW - I rode that once into Staines, remember vividly seeing its wake smash down the fences in front of houses just before we reached the Lammas field.  One of my strong memories of the flood is that they still delivered (by DUKW) the village's quota of fresh milk, despite the fact that half the population had gone elsewhere, and I could sit on the sidewalk outside Kemp's store and swig all the milk I wanted, for the first time in years.  Most of my other memories are of trying to keep Hazel's ponies in our tiny paddock at Elm Lodge, and of trying to keep other livestock (pigs, carthorses) off our tennis court.

Daddy's friend Dan McKinnon put his hens in his attic, above the bedroom ceilings, where they picked at the plaster between the laths and, he swore, lay eggs that nobody could break.
H (Newfoundland)