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More cash for flood-hit areas


Six authorities in South Yorkshire and the Midlands have been awarded 250,000 to help towards the clean-up costs from the summer floods.

Payments are made under the 'Bellwin' scheme, which covers costs incurred by local authorities to safeguard residents and property or prevent suffering from a disaster or emergency.

Chesterfield Borough Council will receive 9,041
South Yorkshire Police Authority will receive 77,503
South Shropshire District Council will receive 12,286
Wyre Forest District Council will receive 4,981
Bassetlaw District Council will receive 131,181
Bridgnorth District Council will receive 32,002

This brings total payments under the Bellwin scheme to 2,645,097, on top of the 63M of other Government support for all flood-hit areas.

Floods Recovery Minister John Healey said: "Last summer, we saw the worst floods in this country for over a century. I made many visits to the affected areas, and saw for myself the extraordinary work of councils and other agencies to help and support those communities.

"Clearly this came at a cost to councils, and so we made it easier for them to claim back additional costs from the Government, by significantly extending the period for which they can claim, and increasing the proportion of costs they can receive to 100 per cent of spending above the threshold.  To ensure money reached councils as quickly as possible, we also said we are ready to make interim payments.

"The funding will be in their accounts very shortly. But I am aware that while the flood waters may have receded, there is still a long way to go. That is why more Government support will be available - including further Bellwin payments.

"We are committed to helping councils for the long haul as they continue to lead the recovery effort in their local communities."

Total payments for flood-hit areas are now:

Chesterfield Borough Council: 295,041
South Yorkshire Police Authority: 77,503
South Shropshire District Council:  95,286
Wyre Forest District Council:  314,981
Bassetlaw District Council:  381,181
Bridgnorth District Council:  92,002